September – Meeting – Picnic – FUN FLY!

Our next club meeting will be Thursday September 2oth at 7:00 PM.
Club Picnic will be held on Sunday the 23rd!
The Fun Fly is scheduled for Sunday the 23rd and will be the “Ribbon CUT”.
Mark Kanzia will be the event coordinator. This is a closed Club Fun Fly.
We are still looking for an event coordinator and fun fly event for October.
Our fun fly schedule for 2018 is as follows:
Sunday September 23rd  “Ribbon Cut” and Club Picnic   Mark Kanzia
October OPEN!
Sunday November 18th “Chilli Cook” and Fun Fly Hosted by the Chefs!
See you all at the meeting to discuss the details.

Forest Park Community Center – 7640 Jackson Blvd. – Forest Park, IL 60130

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